Backups, Should We Use Cloud Drive Technology ?

Understanding Data Security | taught by Jarrod Clowes

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My freely distributed ebook, understanding data security covered may topics about the devices used for sensible and robust backup, the jargon technical people use use and the essential planning & testing you should be doing. One of the key points I made in my e-book was in relation to cloud drives and why we DO NOT use a cloud drive’s to backup data. I believe there is very good reason behind this, and my course not only explains why, but demonstrates the problems as well. I look forward to sharing this content with you. Order my course now let me share my content with you.

Jarrod Clowes
Jarrod Clowes
Senior Consultant

Jarrod Clowes founded Concept Technology Centre in 1991 and over that time has gained extensive & invaluable experience both in business management and in the technology sector. Confidentiality, discretion and maintenance of customer relationships is at the core of this experience, and it has been the foundation to the principals Jarrod has based his career on to have continual growth in his business life. Alongside the deep comprehension of technology in the workplace, and what it takes for small business to continue to operate efficiently, Jarrod understands the main disruptors that may hinder business activity , as well as knowing how to understand compliance and productivity required to make a business grow.

Leadership roles including ownership of award winning businesses for over 25 years, as well as 6 years on the National Council of Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) where as an elected councillor, undertook the roles of National Treasurer and National President. These roles provided advanced knowledge in leadership and senior management within the aviation & technology sectors. Activity across all spectrums of work from leadership, governance, politics, safety, productivity & compliance provides the tools Jarrod uses in his consultancy and coaching work today.

This drives Jarrod's passion for consulting and coaching with a key focus on working with business owners, managers, CEO’s, boards and executives. This is a niche area that many people in charge of businesses need assistance with. That passion extends to ensuring every business takes every precaution necessary to mitigate risk to the business and the people in it.

With this experience across multiple industries Jarrod now works as the primary consultant at Fusion Consulting Group to engage and motivate people in their business. Integrity, diligence and client respect are the most important factors to offer clients clarity on what is best for their business. Compliance, risk mitigation, business continuity and productivity are essential to every business to not only keep them growing, but to avoid business decay or unnecessary stress through unplanned risk presentation or disaster.

Skype: jarrod.clowes